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Undervattensinspektion med Oceanbotics ROV vid en vindkraftspark

Wind farm inspection & demonstration in UK with Oceanbotics SRV-8 ROV

Earlier this month the game changing SRV-8 ROV from RJE Oceanbotics was deployed by Wight Ocean Ltd around a wind farm monopile, to demonstrate the ROVs ability to inspect a monopile that is sited in areas of significant tidal range (8-10m). The SRV-8 is a completely battery operated portable system that was quickly mobilised aboard a vessel of opportunity that was then moored to the monopile. The easy to fly ROV clearly showed how cost effective and attractive this system is for operators needing to perform such operations. Despite a local algae bloom the combination of the SRV-8 and an Oculus sonar made it easy to inspect around the monopile and gather video data.

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